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A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, device, material or other means used alone or in combination, including software for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes intended by the manufacturer for diagnosis and/or therapy and required for proper application, which has its basic purpose , determined by the manufacturer, is not achieved on the basis of pharmacological, immunological or metabolic properties, but has an auxiliary role in the functioning of the medical device intended for:

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Certified medical devices
Wholesale of medical equipment
“In vitro” diagnostic medical devices

In vitro diagnostic medical devices include reagents, reagent kits, reagent products, control and calibration materials, instruments and devices, equipment…

Protective equipment

The medical devices that we import and distribute are registered with the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices. We have protective equipment: protective masks for adults, face visors, disinfectants…

Wholesale Medical Equipment

A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, device, material or other means used alone or in combination including software for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes…

Hospital Equipment

In our offer you can also find hospital equipment such as ventilators, devices for mechanical ventilation, and other similar devices that ensure the supply of optimally adapted respiratory gas to patients who are …

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Radiology

The goal of X-ray devices is to use X-ray radiation in such a way as to obtain sufficiently good diagnostic information, i.e. an image with as little radiation as possible to the patient and worker….

Dental Medical Devices

Dental medicine as a profession has an important role in preserving the oral, and thus overall human health. With the development of new technologies, care for the health of the oral cavity is significantly more effective…