dentalna sredstva

Dental equipment

Dental medicine as a profession has an important role in preserving the oral, and thus the overall
of human health. With the development of new technologies, taking care of the health of the oral cavity is essential
more effective. Metals and alloys are used as building materials in restorative and children's
in dental medicine, in prosthetics, surgery and orthodontics, they are made endodontically
instruments and auxiliary work tools. Materials in dental medicine should satisfy
properties of hardness, strength and biocompatibility due to the specific conditions of the oral cavity. Metals
as separate elements, they do not meet the required properties and must be subjected to the procedure
alloying in order to obtain alloys that meet the environmental criteria of the oral cavity. Thus, in our offer you can find all the necessary dental equipment, which meets all the criteria defined by the Act on Dental Medicine.

dentalna oprema
dentalna oprema