Dijagnostička i terapeutska sredstva u radiologiji

Diagnostic and therapeutic means in radiology

The goal of X-ray devices is to use X-ray radiation in such a way that obtains sufficiently good diagnostic information, that is, an image with as little radiation as possible patient and worker. Each x-ray device consists of: an x-ray tube, an examination table patients, high voltage generator, control unit, high voltage cables and tripod.


There are two types of diagnostic procedures using X-ray radiation. Radiography is X-ray radiation in which films are used on which, as permanent images record the passage of X-ray radiation through some part of the patient's body that is later

Another type of diagnostic procedure is a diascopic examination, which is used for examination patient in some real time, i.e. for testing functional and dynamic
features that are seen on the screen of the device after the X-rays are selectively absorbed
after passing through the body they stop there. X-ray devices must be used regularly
control and service.