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Protective equipment

The medical devices that we import and distribute are registered with the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices. We have protective equipment: protective masks for adults, face visors, disinfectants, protective suits, protective caps and more.

Face masks

Face masks are, in the broadest sense, masks that are made from commercially available double-layer cotton materials with a denser weave and are worn in everyday life. For optimal efficiency, a two-layer cotton textile face mask, which acts as a textile barrier.

Medical masks (surgical masks)

Medical/surgical masks are primarily used to protect other people from exposure to potentially infectious droplets from the person wearing the mask. Their application is one-time. A proper mask also provides some degree of protection to the wearer of the mask when it is firmly attached. They are used primarily for medical purposes and serve to prevent the spread of droplets from exhaled air to the patient or another person and can protect the mouth and nose area from the direct impact of larger droplets from another person as well as from the transmission of pathogens by direct contact with the hands.