Professional and reliable staff are at your disposal

Our team consists of professional experts in the field of health care, certified HACCP managers, specialists in the field of epidemiology, masters in microbiology, sanitary engineers and sanitary technicians. They are at your disposal ready to respond to all business requests with the aim of mutual satisfaction.

Educated and professional team
Certified medical devices
medical devices
Sale of protective medical equipment

Sale of COVID-19 tests

Production and sale of orthopedic aids

Sales of anesthetic and respiratory medical devices

50% of our employees are people with disabilities

What makes us different, and at the same time very proud, is that our team includes people with disabilities. The right to work is one of the basic human rights, and it is an extraordinary honor for us to be part of the beautiful life stories of all of us.

Corporate social responsibility

We base our business on socially responsible business in order to contribute to the development of the community in which we operate and beyond, that is, we take responsibility for the impact of our activities on society and the environment.

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